Astros @ Arlington Chucklefucks, July 2, 2023

A win today would be huge. Astros really need to at least split this reach around series, at a minimum. Let’s win today, boys.


Dubon up to 5th.

I’m speechless - not because he has not produced, but because of the lack of impact bats that would force Dusty to drop him down.

Like even when Abreu was struggling he was always in the 4-6 spot.

Not sure if anyone else missed this, like I did, but Peña’s been day-to-day with a stiff neck.

Dubon has provided plenty of on base and actually has really shown more pop recently as well.

I don’t have any issue with him at 5 at all. He’ll have a chance to drive in runs assuming the schlubs ahead of him can get on base.

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I agree. I have no issue with the move. But based on Dubon’s skill set and ability I am surprised about myself.

My comment was mostly about old school Dusty putting him there and the lack of other options on the roster now.

Dubon (.406) has a higher SLG than:

Abreu (.337)
Maldy (.290)
Pena (.399)
Julks (.394)
Meyers (.380)

That just amazes me - both that Dubon has been so good, having not had a SLG of .400 since his rookie year of 2019 and how bad so many others have been so far.

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Got some ribs on the smoker. Homemade “baked” beans in the pot. Coleslaw in the icebox.

I need a win.

Ribs may be done before Altuve is

Altuve hacking…strikes out on ball nine on the 15th pitch of the at bat.

Jose, you don’t have to swing at every pitch…

Astros go weakly, but not quickly.

They have two more hours. I’m hoping we can get this one in before supper time.

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1-out single, double has Rangers at 2B and 3B

JFC, I’m gonna take a nap.

Pop up to 1B plates a run. Great play by Abreu

End of one…1-0 Rangers

I wish he’d a flipped the ball to Tucker to throw it home.

There was no chance to get Seager.

He did literally everything he could do on that play.

But I like your flea-flicker idea

I think it could have worked.

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