Astros @ Arlington, August 27, 2021

This Otto fellow has got to win the Cy Young this year. I looked into it and he hasn’t given up a run ALL YEAR!!!

He’s made the Astros look silly.

Just wait until his 4th time through the lineup.

Lowe with a leadoff double.

Here’s a little tid bit:
Going into tonight’s game the Astros are 45-27 against winning teams for a .625 percentile. They are 30-25 against teams .500 or worse for a .545 percentile.

If the Astros only played bad teams, they wouldn’t make the post-season.

They still might not make the postseason.

Infield dribbler for a single. Rangers with two on, one out

Another shiftfuck single, 1-0 Rangers


Odorizzi drives me nuts.

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Odorizzi was not happy about the shift there. Thought he rolled a double play.

IFF for the second out

Well they tried to screw that up.

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That was exciting. Twice this game Yuli has forgotten the number of outs.

The old 4-6-3 groundout ends the inning. 1-0 Rangers

TK said vet pitchers can call off the shift. Jake should have.

Bregman caught looking

Alex got hosed.

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Astros aren’t putting up much of a fight.

Looking at the schedule for September, there’s an ominous series against the .341 D-Backs, seven games against the .488 Angels and four games against the (currently) .346 Rangers. So the Astros will have their work cut out for them. Luckily, they have a series against the .527 Padres, a series against the .547 A’s, one against the .539 Mariners and they finish the season with a cakewalk against the .622 Tampa Bay Rays and three more against the A’s.

I like to see Rice kids do well, but this is kind of pissing me off.

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