Astros @ Arlington, August 27, 2021

Let’s go, Astros!

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We need a 12-game steak of our own.

Astros go quietly in the 1St

Tonight I’ll take a 3-game streak.

That woman has great hair, doesn’t she? I can see why she’d want to show it off for the camera. #RangersFan

You gotta play em one game at a time. Good Lord willing, things will work out.

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Yordan with a leadoff double.

“Double” doesn’t really do that one justice.

I think the Rangers outfielders had given up on it.

Correa whiffs on a slider in the dirt.
Bregman whiffs on a slider in the dirt.
Tucker flies out to LF

That inning went nowhere.

A depressingly familiar scene.

I was with Mike for this Otto guy’s first game in AAA. He did not do well.

Yuli almost brain farted. But recovers.

No score after two.

He looks brilliant tonight.

Different opponent

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A better defensive SS would have had that.

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IKF singles on an 0-2 pitch with 2 out…Rangers first hit

You gotta kinda like a guy with the nickname “The Hawaiian Hustle”.

ETA: Of course that’s kinda overpowered by his being a Ranger.

Ibanez with a single

No score after three