Astros @ Arizona, 162

Two pitches in, 2 nil on an Altuve single and a Breggy blob.

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3 nil after a run scores on what ought to have been a double play off Brantley’s bat and was instead an E3

Fourth run scores on a Pena oppo single.

Got my Astrodome seats finally fixed, the orange Astros t-shirt (like I fucking needed another Astros t-shirt) I bought at The Juice Box opening weekend has been worn and not washed for 4 days, so hopefully, BBGs be praised, the mojo is there for 162.

Let’s fucking do this, boys.


My level of confidence that Chas was going to drive that run in was stratospheric. And misplaced. Turns out it didn’t matter too much.

Ditto on all counts.

Maybe with a decent lead el reptil will decide he can throw some estrais.


He’s been no stranger to run support this year, alas.

I hate having to root for the Mariners.

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Good inning, plenty of estrais.

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Three up three down in the bottom of the first. Altuve to lead off the 2nd.

Bregman with a one-out triple.

Halfway to the cycle.

The stench is lessened substantially by knowing that tomorrow they’re just spectators like the rest of us.


Bregman scores on a Tucker sac fly.

Keep it up, Astros. Champions finish strong.


That ball from Yordan had some serious english on it and totally ate up the SS

Going to the bottom of the 2nd, 5-0 Astros.

I def want Seattle to win, not just because if we hang on to win our game we win the division/1st round bye, but also because Toronto is losing big to Tampa Bay and we swap wild card seeding if early scores hold. I think I would rather face Twins than Rays in a 3 game series.


I agree. It’s OK to have division winners automatically qualify, but the seeding should be by record. The Twins may have won the Central, but they by no means deserve a #3 seed.

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