Astros @ Angels, September 6, 2020

HH ol’ buddy, you may want to take a swig of something strong before you read thru the lineup.

Springer 8
Reddick 9
Brantley DH
Tucker 7
Correa 6
Diaz 4
Toro 3
Maldonado 2
Mayfield 5

Framber P

You flipped Reddick and Brantley.

Dusty says: "We’re going to ride Framber as long as we can. It’s a big day for our staff, big day for Framber, big day in the standings prior to us going to Oakland. This is a huge day today.”

So naturally Yuli sits.

Trout is sitting out today.

Springer reaches on E6.

Simmons got et up by that one.

Springer gunned down by Stassi trying to steal.

Reddick walks.

Of course he does, right after the caught stealing.

Day off for Yuli.


They pitch was a chin high FB.

Stassi was out of his crouch to catch it.

Effectively a pitchout.

Brantley Ks swinging

Thanks for the description. I only got to hear it, as I was cleaning my desk off.



Dude is fucking locked in

Tucker 0-2, then 2-2 (one over his head, one in the dirt) HOMERS TO RIGHT!

2-0 Astros

I’m thinking jump out to a 16-18 run lead and then hang on to squeak one out.


Correa Ks swinging

Mid 1st
2-0 Astros

I think they should continue giving this Tucker kid some ABs.

Framber pitching

Simmons Ks swinging (foul tip)

Upton 5-3