Astros @ Angels, September 6, 2020

Rendon 3-0, 3-1, singles to left

Pujols lines out to 3rd

End 1

Diaz homers down the LF line.

Moon shot.

Toro hitting .115 from the left side, 0 for his last 11 from either side, flies out to left

Maldonado Ks on high cheese

Mayfield 3-1, 3-2, F8

3-0 on the Diaz dinger

Adell first pitch 5-3

Stassi laces a single to left.

That ball ate Diaz up

Walsh lines one that is booted by Diaz, runners on the corners.

Should be E4 but who knows.


Seriously…less than 20 runs and the Astros have no chance.

bad luck for Framber in this inning

Slow chopper to 3rd, run scores, safe at first too.


looks like they scored the Simmons play and the Diaz play as base hits.

6-4 FC; no throw to 1st.

Runners on the corners

Fuck. This inning has not been a defensive clinic

I’m shocked it went foul

Diaz is pretty brutal defensively.