Astros @ Angels, September 3, 2022

Keep the line moving


Altuve flies out F7 on a diving catch
Gurriel flies out F9 on a diving catch
Bregman…0-2…flails at strike three in the dirt two feet off the plate

No score.


Fletcher doubles to LF
Trout strikes out swinging
Ohtani grounds out 3U, Fletcher to 3B
Rengifo grounds out 6-3

No score


Tucker flies out F9 on the first pitch
Vazquez…3-0…3-1…3-2…foul…grounds to SS…Velazquez fields it in the hole…falls down…gets up…orders a pizza and a beer, goes to the head, flips it to 1B and just nips Vazquez by 45 ft.
Mancini flies out F9

No score.

Dylan Cease working on a special night in Chicago…

He walked 2 guys, it can’t be all that special

And Cease loses the no hitter with two out in the 9th


Ward flies out F9
Ford strikes out swinging
Aguilar strikes out swinging

Still 0-0

And Mrs Hawk made risotto alla Milanese.

I’m drinking limoncello

Good on you, man.

You ever made your own limoncello?


Matejevic just abused. What’s new. He is so overwhelmed by this level.
McCormick takes a hundo down the middle for strike three
Peña flies out F7

No score

I have not, but I’ve thought about it. They make their own at Via Emilia, my favorite Italian joint. It’s quite good.

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Stassi, who is Italian, but I’m unsure if he makes his own limoncello…strikes out on a big hook
Velazquez chops over the mound, nice pick up and quick throw from Peña…6-3
Fletcher punches a bloop double to LF. Again
Trout…0-2…1-2…2-2…foul…foul…foul…3-2…strikes out looking

No score

Great unexpected curve by Garcia to get Trout.

It’s not that difficult. I had someone show me in Argentina, and it turned out really great.

Can we please get some hits and runs vs Shohei?! PLEASE

Hit: done

Run: ?


Altuve strikes out swinging
Gurriel singles to RF, Astros first baserunner
Bregman grounds into 6-4-3 double play.

No score

He threw nothing but sliders to Altuve and Bregman

Bregman got a hanger and rolled it weakly to SS