Astros @ Angels, September 3, 2022


Ohtani flies out F7
Rengifo grounds out 5-3
Ward lines out to LF

Still 0-0

Tucker not interested in spending much time at the plate tonight.

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Made outs on the first pitch both ABs


Mancini seems like a very fun dude.

I’m not watching the game but I’m pretty sure JJ can hit at this level.


Tucker flies out to RF on the first pitch…again
Vazquez grounds out 5-3
Mancini doubles to RCF
Matijevic with a bloop single to LCF, Mancini scores
McCormick pops out to SS

Halfway…1-0 Astros

I’m not so convinced. He got a hanging curve and managed to punch a dying quail over the SS. Blind nut found a squirrel. I’d be happy to be wrong in the long term, however.

Grrr walks Stassi the .188 hitter


Ford grounds out 5-3 on the first pitch
Aguilar strikes out looking
Stassi walks
Velazquez strikes out swinging

1-0 Astros

Good grief, Yuli.

That was the pitch Tucker

Wow, the Angels got screwed there.


Maybe CI?

That’s all I can figure. Sure wasn’t a HBP.


Peña pops out F5
Altuve singles to LCF
Gurriel flies out F8
Bregman singles to LF, Altuve to 2B
Tucker hit by pitch to load the bases…ball hit the barrel of the bat…8 inches from his body, but Angels inexplicably not challenging. Wow, that wasn’t even close
Vazquez flies out F9

Astros leave the bases loaded…lead 1-0

The signal was catchers interference.

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Out just say it


Fletcher flies out F9
Trout pops out F3
Ohtani grounds to SS, Bregman there in the shift with a noddle throw and Ohtani beats it out…Astros challenging….he’s clearly out…yep, overturned…5-3

1-0 Astros