Astros @ Angels, September 21, 2021

Astros with a hit in the first, but GIDP ends the inning.


After two quick outs, Gosselin hammers a hanging 0-2 change for a double

Comebacker ends the 1st. No score

Something tells me they won’t keep this pace.

King Tuck!!


2-0 Astros


Back to back!

I like it!

Carlos told him to cool his jets approaching 1B


That was amusing.

“Don’t pass me, Spaz”

3 spot in the 2nd


Urquidy wasted no time not putting up a zero.

That didn’t take long. First pitch, giving runs back

The Astros’ player development prowess can be a two edged sword. Mayfield has been a hit in Anaheim.

That wasn’t a cheap one.

2 nights in a row Gosselin has missed a foul ball.

3-1 cookie.

Not my style sez Yordan.

Walks anyway but geez.

Carlos singles sharply to right

Yordan to 2nd