Astros @ Angels, September 21, 2021

Tucker 3U kills the threat

Fletcher expanded and popped up ball 4.

Ohtani taps back to end the inning.

He’s a big dude.

Diaz robbed by Fletcher.

Nice play up the middle.


End of the bat. 8 feet shy of the track in center.

Jake grounds out.

Mid 4

Toronto defeated Tampa Bay 4-2

Seattle and Oakland are tied at 1 in the 4th

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Jose getting squeezed.

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Superjack made a bid for #2 but Jake caught it at the wall in center.

TK likes the Rally Monkey.

That is so, so sad.

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2 run bomb

Nice launch angle.

Another knock for Yuli.

Yordan smokes one under Renfigo’s glove.

Correa Ks

Tucker 3-2, walks

Juiced for Diaz

Maddon trots out for his second pitching change of the inning.

Good time to point out that Altuve’s HR came after the first one.

Fuck you, Joe.

Ortega hits the highway. Kyle Tyler in to face A.D. with the bases jacked and one out.

2 run single!!

Suck it, Maddon.

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Dusty is suddenly making all the right moves.

Dusty with a 6 or 10 run lead in the last 2 innings can manage the fuck out of a bullpen.

ETA jeebuz fuck me I just realized it’s only the top of the 5th