Astros @ Angels, September 20, 2021

First of four games with LAA.

Sea and Oak play each other later tonight.

Let’s hope Framber puts something good together tonight.

Siri BLASTS a leadoff homer.


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109 off the bat, 426 feet.


Man, another baseball destroyed.

Just a run of the mill 115mph one-hop off the wall single

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Altuve has the night off.

Siri (RF)
Alvarez (LF)
Tucker (DH)
Gonzalez (2B)
McCormick (CF)


“We’re gonna need earplugs.”

I wonder what baserunning treat Tucker will have for us today?

2 out single by Correa plates Alvarez.


Marwin F7 ends the inning.

The 2nd out was a Tucker swinging K.

Need to root for the Mariners

Marsh Ks on 3. Froze him with a FB.

Fletcher down 0-2, 4-3

FBs galore

Ohtani 3-2, 3U

Good inning. Framber threw one pitch out of the strike zone.

I do not know if y’all heard TK’s detailed discussion of the play Sat night when Yuli left early, but I thought it was fascinating. Who is the 3rd base coach? Lopez? Same thing happened by the other team in a minor league game he managed, and he remembered the play and told Tucker to go as soon as the P stepped off to appeal.

I know we harp on balls/strikes a lot, but here’s a different angle:

Ball 3 to Ohtani was very much in the zone, but it missed the spot badly and Maldy had to reach up and in to catch it.

I would guess 9 out of 10 HPUs would call that a ball. And that’s the problem.

Yes, Lopez.

Kudos to him.

Maldonado had a cast net with him to complete his Grienke Day outfit.

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Siri Ks swinging at high cheese