Astros @ Angels, June 9, 2024

Today is my dog Sadie’s 15th birthday. I am drinking a mai tai in her honor. Grilling shrimp and pineapple here in a bit.

Oh, and there is no score after one.


Double, single, Angels have runners on the corners, one out

Sac fly makes it 1-0

End of two…1-0 Angels

Oh, and I’m smoking a Flor de las Antillas box pressed maduro

Dubon works a leadoff walk

Happy Birthday to Sadie - a toast to her with my Athletic Run Wild (non-alcoholic) IPA !

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Abreu lines a single to LCF, Dubon to 2B

Two on for Chas…who strikes out swinging

Altuve singles to CF, Dubon scores

Bregman doubles to LF, Abreu scores, Altuve to 3B

Two RISP for Yordan…

Yordan intentionally walked to load them up for Peña…

Peña singles to LF, Altuve scores

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Happy birthday Sadie! I’m sure she’ll enjoy the shrimp.

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Still drunk for Diaz…who grounds into a double play

But the Astros score thrice…lead 3-1

She really likes pineapple. She’ll enjoy that more.

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Altuve, Bregman, and Pena come through with RBIs in the same inning!

End of three…3-1 Astros

Jake with a leadoff knock