Astros @ Angels, June 9, 2024

Jake swipes 2B with two outs

Chas down on strikes.

Middle of four, 3-1 Astros

McCormick has become a strikeout factory.

Infield single, HBP…Angels have two on, nobody out

Single…Angels with the bases loaded, nobody out

Sac fly makes it 3-2, everyone moves up a base

Walk loads the bases again

Squeeze play ties it up

Inning finally ends, but not a good one for JV. New ballgame, 3-3

It would be really nice for Verlander to be Verlander again. That’s asking a lot from a 40 year old though

He’s never going to be 2019 JV again. He can still be solid.

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Yordan with a 2-out walk


Game is on the outside tv. I step away to salt and pepper the filets I’m making for date night, and the Astros promptly shot the bed. Alcohol may be needed to get me through this.

And happy birthday Sadie!!!

Leadoff single, stolen base

Alcohol always helps when watching this team.

And Sadie appreciates the birthday wishes

Now Diaz takes a foul ball off the throwing hand.

Happy 15th Birthday Sadie! Isn’t she a Cocker Spaniel?

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She is

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Tucker for the Angels look like a human version of a Cocker Spaniel.