Astros @ Angels, August 13, 2021

TK has the weekend off.

Prepare mute buttons accordingly.

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who’s filling in?


I have a soft spot in my heart for Esch because I enjoy his cougar football radio play by play. He seems earnest and good natured.

Jeez, if the curveball in the dirt is a strike, it might be a quick night.

Love that shift

60% of the time it works 100% of the time.

This ump sucks balls.

Holy fuck this ump is awful.

Well that’s just a lazy throw. TE6

I’ve never heard him call a football game, but he is well below average as a baseball pbp guy.

He stumbles on his words a lot, talks over/interrupts a ton, and has just a pinch of that Joe Buck smug delivery that will instantly make me hate him.


Jesus Fucking Christ, this guy is throwing pus and the Astros are just happily taking flat sliders for strike 3.

Fuck, now Greinke pounding the zone and not getting calls. Who the fuck paid off this HPU?

  1. This HPU continues to suck
  2. I heard Esch filling in for Ford earlier this season and he was good.
  3. It doesn’t translate to TV for me.
  4. That StrosPoll question depressed me

What the literal fuck is the ump watching?

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He’s made a game’s worth of bad calls in an inning and a half.


Did the Angels hold a “Be a HPU for a night” promotion?


Nice changeup.

Seriously…out of 30 pitches, he’s easily missed 10 of them.

Grienke should check hpu for sticky stuff on his eyelids.