Astros @ Angels, August 13, 2021

Idiots in Anaheim booing Maldonado who WAS ON THEIR FUCKING TEAM IN 2017.

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Wilson 1-11 this season.

Machete 2-21 vs Angels.

Not exactly vaunting territory down here.

Thank you.

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I say it every time but it bears repeating that listening to esh is a beating. I’m only able to half watch tonight so I’m relying on the sound to alert me when something is happening. My ears are bleeding

This HP ump must be Angel Hernandez’s blind little brother. He’s just fucking guessing

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I muted after his thorough 4 minute long blowjob about the Field of Dreams game.

The first minute was fine, but he just couldn’t stop talking.


He never stops fucking talking. Ever. I’m listening to Tom Waits while he babbles on.

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It just meant so much to him Mark. It’s his favorite movie Mark.


I wish I could just hear Blummer’s half of the commentary, because I’m actually interested in that. But not nearly interested enough to suffer through 9 innings of Esch’s bullshit.


Alright…need good at bats from Alvarez, Diaz, and Tucker

Attaboy Yordan. Keep the line moving

Show me some love, Aledmys.

There we go…bases juiced…talk to me Tucker!!!

Tucker and Chas gotta get the job done here





Salami es mas grande!!!

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That SLG vs opponent was a timely stat to show. Good job by the production crew.