Astros @ Angels, April 9, 2022

No score after one inning.

I’ll delete my thread if I can figure out how.

Pena draws a 2 out walk. Castro at the plate.

HH or Waldo should be able to do it

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OK. Sorry, I looked but the timing was very close.

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Still no score through 1.5 innings.

Walsh took care of that

Verlander grooves a fastball and Walsh crushes it. 1-0 Angels.


Don’t dive into 1st.

That was dumb, Chaz

Altuve got a FB but rolled it into a dp.

Mansfield produces it’s share of athletes.

Stro Poll:

B. 2017 ALCS G6

Castro erases the Marsh walk.

I don’t like the 60 patch on the caps.

Dot that MFer up

Rendon walks on a strike.

High cheese ends an Angels threat in the 4th.

JV has 6 Ks.

Verlander may want to reconsider the strategy of grooving the first pitch of the inning.