Astros @ Angels, April 9, 2022

Leadoff double to Stassi and a walk to Walsh.

Sac bunt makes 2nd/3rd for Ohtani.

That’s twice Ohtani has been absolutely gifted a ball call.

Both pitches started and finished in the zone.

Dotted his ass up again with 96 mph heart.

Go sit down you fucking drama queen.


Strikes out on strike seven and bitches, fuck off, man, who the fuck do you think you are, Kobe Bryant?

There’s definitely nobody on his team that could’ve possibly taught him that.

Cracks me up that a fucking PITCHER stands up there and argues that sort of thing.

Also, yes, not a fan of the patch. Is this an opening series thing or are they going to keep it on all year because if they do it’ll annoy me and doubly so because I would never have found anything else to get annoyed by.

Nice job, JV.

Trout had a couple of FBs in that AB he just missed timing up, then expanded.

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All year. Great. I guess it’s better than Gallery Furniture. Save that for next year I suppose.


JV looked like JV tonight which is a great fucking sign

JV really pitching well. Also, getting his customary run support.

Time to shit or get off the pot, boys!

If they get off the pot, then what?

Yeah no Yuli (paternity leave) or Bregman (grueling 2 game pace). He had to be thrilled to see the A team drop 13 last night.

Then quit fucking around.

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Wash hands

Boy I wish Bregman were healthy this lineup could really use him right now

I guess Dusty didn’t want Bregman to hit a homer every game.