Astros @ Angels, April 10, 2022

Another back to back walk for Siri…

That’ll do it for Suarez.

The wise thing to due would be to capitalize on this fine scoring opportunity.

Peña…two on…takes strike one, takes strike two, takes strike three. Unproductive.

Not a strike, blue


Bregman, again with two RISP…3-1 count…single to RCF, two runners score…moves to 2B on fielding error by Trout. WooHoo!

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Astros take a 2-1 lead

Way to quiet the ever present “cheater-cheater” halo fan that AT&T Sportsnet’s mics seem to pick up so clearly.



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You’ve never seen Ohtani get 2 straight 91 mph FBs blown by him.

Way to go Maton.


His improvement last year was fun to watch.

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Peña with 3 hits today

He might be a keeper.

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Peña making things happen out there…

1st/3rd no outs

WP plates Peňa, Bregs to 2nd

That Bradley character is a hoss.