Astros @ Angels, April 10, 2022

Well that was ugly.

Thank goodness for the short wall

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Ohtani with a rule book double…runners at 2B and 3B, one out for the Angels.

Lucky he just tomahawked it and didn’t launch it into the pacific.

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That’s damn close.

Trout flies out F9, Wade thrown out at the plate…Angels will challenge…replay shows he’s out, missed the plate

He may have scraped the side of the plate but he didn’t get the surface.

The umpire was looking right at it. I have to think he saw dirt between finger and plate.

Call upheld. Score it a 9-2 double play.

Wade beat the throw, just didn’t touch the plate.

Nice work by Tucker and Maldy

Call stands.

Btw we really don’t need umpires addressing the world on a mic.

Slows down an already deliberate process and doesn’t add anything that was missing.

Me, a dumbass: you have to walk Trout here

Tucker, a badass: I got your DP right here

The plate is a plane, unlike the other bases. Gotta touch the white surface.

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We’ve played three…1-0 Angels.

That offensive inning left a lot to be desired.

Looks like the Astros’ plan is to only score on weeknights.

Great throw by Bregman.

At least I was in high school when I couldn’t score on the weekends

Machete draws his second BB.