Astros @ Angels, April 10, 2022

How about a few runs today.

Dusty threw in the towel early. No Altuve, no Brantley. The dog days of Opening Weekend have taken their toll, apparently.


Peña with a 1- out double.

Wear a fucking cup, Alex.

Good thing Bregman had a day to cool off.

It’s hard to swing at 94 when you’re still seeing stars.

Yeah, I like the space city jerseys.

Pretty sure I’m buying one of those hats.

Mayfield homers to give the Angels a 1-0 lead.

Someone tell Mayfield we are sorry.


He’s been a one man Astros wrecking crew.

Do you have an update on the zero G garden hose?

Yeah, I really like it. It’s held up well, so far, and I like how light it is. Easy to stretch and end back up.

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Back to back walks put two Astros on, one out…

Peña with a single, Machete with the flaps down, holds at 3B. Bases loaded. Not sure why you didn’t send him.

Bregman, bases drunk…pops to shallow CF

Up to Yordan…

Alvarez hammers a screaming line drive to CF. Astros leave the bases loaded. Are now 1-5 with RISP, but that hit didn’t score a run.

Machete clogged up that inning.

Yeah, but I would have sent him. Ball was to Addel’s right, and he’s a noodle arm to begin with. Thought that was way too conservative. Still, Bregman’s gotta drive in a run there.