Astros 60 man roster

If there was any question about how poor this team’s pitching depth is from the left side, all you have to do is look at this list. WOW.

Maybe, this team has figured out that a right handed pitcher with the right arsenal can do the job that we used to think only lefties could do.

Ryan Pressley held lefty hitters to a .124 batting average (103 LH Batters faced) #5 among all relievers/ #3 RH relievers
McHugh held them to a .140 batting average (66 batters faced) #10 all/# 8 RH
Osuna held them to a .150 (132 batters faced) #18 all/#10 RH

BTW - Verlander (#2 RH & all starters, Cole # 4 RH & all starters, Greinke #23 RH starter/# 33 all starters) in batting average against LH Batters.

With better data and now the three batter minimum, the need for a lefty specialist has decreased.


Great info, Duman.