A's at Astros, May 13, 2024

2b Altuve
RF Tucker
LF Alvarez
SS Pena
1b Singleton
3b Bregman
DH Diaz
C Caratini
CF Meyers

P Arrighetti

Well — not the worst possibility.

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Everyone involved could use a good game from Arrighetti today.

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I hope like hell the Astros aren’t chasing a run or two in the 9th in this series, because the A’s closer is absolute filth.


33K in 16+ IP

Don’t worry, we won’t be chasing only a run or two tonight.

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Just read that Julia is taking Kalas’ place in the booth tonight.

She’s doing a lot better in his place than TK is in hers.

Reddick is filling in for Sparky on the radio.

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Peña with some heads up baserunning!! Astros take a 1-0 lead on the poor throw to 3B.

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I’m not sure that was a great decision by Peña, but he rounds 2nd and keeps going on a ground ball that pulled the 3B in, and then he scores when the 1B tries to get him by hitting the C covering 3rd and throws the ball away. A good throw (and catch) would have beat him by 5’.

Strike 'em out, throw 'em out!

To my layman’s eye, it looked like Peña kept running when the 3B was pulled in on the grounder (as you noted) and Langeliers hustling up the line to cover was not in a great position and more of a moving target for Soderstrom’s throw from 1B.

Altuve HBP with two outs, Tucker doubles to deep LCF, Altuve scores

Peña with a hard hit liner to CF to end the inning.

Breggy Bomb!

Close but out.

Yeah, he was going to have to hit the catcher on move, which isn’t easy. I don’t have a good feel for the likelihood of success.

Middle-middle pitch to Bleday turns into a two-out double and Toro scores to make it 3-2.

Half way through and the Astros lead 3-2. Not a bad outing by Arrighetti.

“Say goodbye to that baseball, y’all!” isn’t too shabby as HR calls go.

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