A's at Astros, July 8, 2021

Laureano strikes out on three pitches
Andrus doubles down the LF line
Olson gets a bloop book-rule double in left field - Yordan looks like he’s moving through molasses out there.

1-0 OAK with 1 out, runner on 2nd.

Lowrie sneaks a grounder up the middle just out of Correa’s reach. Olson scores, 2-0 OAK without any real hard contact.

LMJ continues to have first inning trouble.

Chapman goes down swinging on three pitches.

I’m leaving home in a few minutes so someone will need to take PBP.

Piscotty pops to Gurriel to end the first, 2-0 OAK.

Could someone let our starters know they don’t HAVE to give up runs in the first?

Also, someone maybe should let them know that Andrus is a.) old and b.) not very good unless you throw him fat pitches.


Well, this is not what I wanted to get home and turn on, so far.

Bats need to come alive.


Seriously, the A’s catcher is fucking brutal at pitch framing. Why does he get any calls?

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I just watched a replay of the double to left. If Yordan had been moving any slower after that ball, he would’ve been going backwards.

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I guess I’ll try and give some pbp.

McCullers give up a leadoff single/walk/something, then Kemp pops out in foul territory on the 3b line.

Garcia strikes out on a nasty inside breaker.

Laureano grounds what looks foul past the 3rd base line, but called fair. Off the Idiot Cove Facing, 2nd and 3rd. 2 outs.

Yep, and same with Toro on the double down the line. He didn’t really attack that…in my opinion.

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Why have instant replay if certain plays are not reviewable?

Andrus hits one pretty well to right. Tucker doing baby giraffe things, hauls it in on the warning track.

3 outs, crisis averted.

Mid 2, 2-0 A’s.

Because you might hurt an ump’s feelings.

Also, it’s almost impossible to REALLY determine fair/foul without cameras straight down the lines and directly above.

You’ll just end up with “Well, it’s too close to call” all the fucking time.

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He’s not a natural outfielder. The Astros are trying to get him comfortable enough in left field to have more flexibility with their DH spot and to keep his bat in the lineup for interleague games in NL parks.

Toro really gator-armed that ground ball.


Bottom 2:

Yordan, Yuli, Chazwozzer due.

Yordan takes ball 1 off the outside corner for a strike. Swings at the same pitch and misses, strike 2. Fouls off a breaking ball in the same spot. Swings over a splitter at his fucking shoetops.

1 out.

Can the Astros’ hitters stop making Montas look like Cy Young?

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