A's at Astros, July 6, 2021

Framber starts off with a first pitch double by Laureano.

Andrus hits the next pitch for a single to RF.

2 pitches, A’s on 1st and 3rd.

Suboptimal start

Blum is right - Laureano had a terrible read, he absolutely should have scored on that.

Five pitches in? 1-0 As

Shiftfuck single to left side and it’s 1-0

Laureano is a talented guy but he fucks up a lot.

DP with no shift

Framber gets a much-needed K looking. Still 1st and 2nd but 1 out.

2-0 As

Grounder up the middle just out of Correa’s reach scores another run.

Sure looked like he could’ve knocked that down.

Man, seeing eye. I thought off the bat it was a sure DP.

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Off the bat, I assumed that was the double play.


Jesus, thank you very much whoever the blind guy coaching 3rd for the A’s is.

Lowrie crushes one to CF, scores one, but Correa guns down the trail runner at home, Lowrie to 2nd, 3-0 A’s.

Good grief, Framber???

I thought so too.

Framber looks like he has no idea where his fastball is going tonight so far.

Strikeout swinging puts a stop to the bleeding.

Mid 1, 3-0.