A's at Astros, July 6, 2021

Do not know where Correa lined up, but that was the DP ball which kept it 1-0.

Live, the play looked like (to me) that Correa was expecting to turn 2 until it went past him. I thought he could’ve at least dove and kept it in the infield. But I guess that wouldn’t have mattered much after Lowrie mashed that ball.

Hey Jose, 91 right down the middle is EASY TO FUCKING HIT!

Lance Berkman made more ASG than Jeff Bagwell. That’s fucked up.

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Awful swing

What a horrible at bat by Altuve.

Fucking idiotic.

Take 91 down the pipe then swing at a pitch 2 feet off the plate.

Bassit absolutely clowns Altuve on the 1-2 slider. Biggio-esque.

I’d consider the first pitch the true clown one.

Hey, here’s a free home run. Oh, you took it? Thanks.

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3-1 pitch to Brantley barely misses inside, Brantley takes his base.

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Blum openly rooting for an injury to let Yuli onto the All-Star team.

The A’s catcher looks like an robot in need of an oil change so far. Man, he’s snatching and grabbing more pitches than not.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, no?

Yuli fouls a 2-2 pitch just barely into the crowd down the RF line, then Bassit balks to send Uncle Mike to 2b.

Bassit apparently nicks the bottom of the zone to get Yuli looking.

Nice pitch.

Fuck your get ahead fastball, fucko.


GodDAMN Yordan, that ball had a family.

3-2 A’s on the drive to straight CF.

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