A's at Astros, August 14, 2022

It’s a new day, and a new lineup.

I’m on radio, Javier sounds a tad bit wild. How did Vazquez look on that WP…pitch was stoppable or totally spiked?

I was busy opening the thread when it happened, so I didn’t see it. It sounded like it was on Vasquez from the tv announcers, but what do they know?

Javier looked great on that last batter.

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Bregnant! He’s heating up people this is not a drill

Since the ASB: .325 .402 .550 .952, 11BB, 9K, 92PA, 22G, 18R, 15RBI (coming into today)


I may have misread, but I believe that when the A’s batting order was shown, the highest average was .237. Which probably means they’ll get 15 hits today.

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Stevenson is at .286 (also his SL%), everybody else under .240

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Deuces Wild

4-0 Astros at the top of the third. The A’s have the 'Stros right where they want them.

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Vazquez with another hit.

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Bottom 4.

Irwin pitching

Mancini - lines out to third. L5.

McCormick - works a 3-1 count and flies out to deep center field. F8

Vasquez - punches single to right

Myers - pops up to shallow center. F8

End 4. A’s 0. Astros 4.

Top 5

Javier pitching.

Stevenson - Ks swing and missing a slider.

Allen…called slider for a strike…siwngs and misses a slider…foul tips a FB - Vasquez hangs on. K.

Kemp…Lines out to Mancini at 1st.

Mid 5. A’s 0. Astros 4.

Bottom 5.

Irwin pitching.

Altuve…fouls off FB…FB up and in…FB up and out…FB wide…FB high. Walks.

Pena…fouls off change up…F8.

Alvarez…F8…got under a sinker.


End 5. A’s 0. Astros 4.

Top 6.

Javier pitching (at 84 pitches)

Machin…looks at a slider strike…change up low and away (just)…fouls back FB…slider F8.

Brown…change up low and away…looks a slider strike…fouls slider…fouls knuckle curve…pops up FB - F9.

Piscotty…can’t check on a slider…slider low and away…swings and misses a FB…swings and misses a FB. K.

Mid 6. A’s 0. Astros 4.