A's @ Astros, October 3, 2021

One last time, for none of the marbles.

Dusty said that Brantley won’t play the whole game in LF, just wanted to test his leg in the field; and they’re planning on Greinke throwing around 40 pitches out of the pen

I wish I had a way to do a 6-way split screen

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We got Kemp out!

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Why do the Astros have a tie-breaker over the White Sox?

Won the season series.

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Better head-to-head record.

We beat them more times than they beat us

HBP, TE2 but nothing else in the 1st.

Machete may need to pop into the dugout for a bit of recalibration.

Springer gives the Jays a very early 1-0 lead

Ohtani does the same against the M’s


So Yuli, unlike Ted Williams, is not playing today to protect his average.

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Yeah I don’t like that.

A’s get a run on Brown’s solo shot.

1-0 mid 2

I’m going to pretend it was Dusty’s decision, not Yuli’s.


Williams’ manager tried to sit him for the DH. Teddy Ballgame refused to sit.

Neil Diamond stars in
The Chas Dinger

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Didn’t get Kemp that time

Ted was also 22 years old and 17 games out of the postseason