Arlington @ Astros, 7/26/2023

Altuve! 2B
Yordan! DH
McCormick CF
Julks LF

Framber needs to Framberlate 'em

Hanger on an 0-2 pitch to the leadoff hitter. Not a good start.

6-4-3…my favorite Astros pitch.

Bouncer to 1B, Abreu kicks it and Framber forgets to cover the bag. It’s somehow ruled a hit.

Well, that’s not how you do it

Oh good.

Sloppy defense.

And the first inning adventure comes to an end.

0-0, but I don’t like how sloppy that inning was.


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Well we get to see how Altuve feels about being back …

I guess they reasoned that Lowe beat Framber to the bag, but only because Framber slowed way down when he saw Abreu drop the ball.

why are you not totally green light fastball down the middle on a 2-0 count and your name is Jeremy Pena?

There you go, Pena!

Finally an extra base hit for Peña

Like that swing from Peña.

Hands in, quick.

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Doubles are fun

Do something fun here, Bregs



Hell yeah!

Called it.