Arlington @ Astros, 7/26/2023

Breggy Bomb!!

I just wanted him to get on base for Yordan…

that was better

Dang, they hit Yordan

Yordan drilled on the shoulder


This could get interesting….


OK…who gets dotted on the Rangers?

“That baseball currently being escorted to the first aid station.”

Never change, Blummer.


End of one…3-0 Astros

Let’s say 1 an inning if there is no one on and there’s at least 1 out

I can’t see any way that was intentional.

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It’s the Strangers, we assume it’s intentional. :rage:

Oh I know, I’d just like to hit one of the Rangers in the ass at some point this season

Agree. Heaney’s obviously having control problems, and Bochy’s not that kind of guy.

That doesn’t read as macho as you may think.

I’m afraid Jung is going to be a pain in our ass for a while.

Leadoff “don’t call it a shift” single.

Alrighty then, there was no macho about it

Waiter, another double play here please …