Angels @ Space City, April 20, 2022

Maybe the socks will plug the holes in the bats.

The good news…the middle of the Astros order, Tucker, Gurriel, Goodrum, and Castro are all hitting .400. As in…if you sum all of their batting averages, it’s a little over .400.

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Odorizzi getting started early…issues leadoff walk to Ohtani.

Ward with a single, two Angels on to start this one

Another free pass…bases loaded nobody out

Wow what a great start for Jake

Somebody please put Odorizzi out of his misery

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Maybe he’s tired in those pajamas.

Rendon swings and misses on a 2-2 count for ball three. That’s how this night is going.

Another walk pushes a run across. 1-0, bases still loaded, nobody out.

Odorizzi is a fucking disaster so far.

Single makes it 2-0, still loaded, still nobody out

My phone is going to drain its battery from all these scoring notifications

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Can we hit the reset button on this game?

Finally a strikeout…bases still loaded, one out

Another punch out…two down

Fourth walk of the inning makes it 3-0

And that’s it for Odorizzi. Doesn’t get out of the first inning. Taylor in

Why is Odorizzi still in the rotation? I didn’t get that memo.


In Jake’s partial defense, he got the living shit squeezed out of him.

Misplay at 1B makes it 4-0…wait to see how it’s scored, but it’s one Yuli has to make