Angels at Astros April 22, 2021

The you tube game.

Like that platform will ever catch on.

Swinging K to start things off.

Followed by another.

2 out walk, full count Ohtani Ks swinging.

Oh good.

We get to see Rangers highlights.

Bottom 1


Javier did a good job there in the 1st.

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Correa works a FC before flying out F8

Brantley 6-3 into the shift

Bregman flares the first pitch to right for a single

Well at least they won’t be no hit.

Apparently, Bregman is a stolen base threat. Who knew.

Who is this idiot prattling on about the Rangers?

Yordan waves at a couple of pitches off the plate, singles up the middle.

Bregman to 3rd.

Thanks for the FB, dummy.

My volume is all the way down.

Lucky you.

Yuli 3-0, high strike, good breaking ball 3-2, walks to load them up

Well shit. It’s Tucker.

He’s 2 for 21 with runners in scoring position. Doesn’t that mean he’s due?

Suppose that’s the glass half full view.


Tucker waves at a changeup (?, 88), swings under a neck high FB, ball low, another low 3-2, whiffs on a ball at his socks.