Angels at Astros April 22, 2021

Completely overmatched.

Tucker never had a chance that AB

The 2 88 mph pitches to Yordan looked like changeups (arm side break).

The 88 mph ones to Tucker didn’t break.

Same pitch?

I’ll hang up and listen.

Television analyst Geoff Blum is slated to work the game with play-by-play man Matt Vasgersian of MLB Network and ESPN and Angels TV analyst Mark Gubicza.

One of the announcers is Blum.

Upton Ks half-swinging

Nobody gives a flying fuck about that home run Pujols hit 16 years ago in a series his team lost. Despite what theses idiots thinks, Astros fans are not crying themselves to sleep every night.


Methuselah 0-2, couple of sliders way off 2-2, foul, and fuck YouTube for that replay, Ks swinging

They didn’t need to do that. I hate you tube.

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These idiots are rubbing off on Blum too.

Spanish Church(es) Ks swinging

That’s disgusting

It’s actually not a bad idea, have a good play by play guy and two color guys from the two teams. It’s not working.


Diaz doubles to left.

No way he didn’t pull something on that slide.

Shocked Diaz is walking after that slide.

I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t miss time because of that slide

Straw needs to move this runner

Straw triples(!) Down the line in left


Attaboy Straw!

Looks like he moved the runner.

I was ready for him to bunt