Angels at Astros, 8/13/23

DH Altuve
3B Bregman
LF Alvarez
RF Tucker
CF McCormick
1B Singleton
2B Dubon
SS Kessinger
C Maldonado

P Urquidy

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So it’s a throw away game. Awesome. And Bregman’s got his work cut out for him.

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Not very gentlemanly to play your best lineup when going for a sweep

I mean, it’s not like the Astros are chasing someone that isn’t losing a lot in their division or anything.

Please retire after this season, Dusty. For my sanity’s sake.


I’m not sure they will let Bregman bat twice much less cover RF and 3rd base. LF and 3rd would be a tough task but RF and 3rd base seems bit much to ask.


Motherfucker! I can’t imagine another manager doing this as regularly as Dusty has…:and I’m talking about throughout the history of the game. At least I feel like Dubon is due (glass half full).

The second Bregman is Tucker, just in case it wasn’t obvious.

It’s never too obvious when Dusty is making the lineup.

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You ain’t lyin’.

I’m Bregman and so is my right fielder!

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No, I’m Breg-acus!

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I’m Bregman

His name is Alex Bregman

It took me a while, but we rewatched Mindhunter recently and I suddenly realized that Bill Tench was that guy in Fight Club

Wewease Bwegman!

Anyone think score might be 11 to 3 Astros? Bad bet IMHO. Could be interesting

I look forward to the discussion about possums today. Yesterday’s had me laughing hard, tears were flowing.

I have an in-ground birdbath at the ranch house, and this morning there was a bigass fat toad taking a soak in it. No possums though.

A few years ago I was mowing the back yard and in a corner I came across the remains of a possum. It was pretty obvious from the skull, jawbone, and tail. There was some fur left, but it was picked pretty clean, probably cleaned up by ants. But it hadn’t been there a week before, so something had come by that was big enough to take down a possum and unconcerned enough to go ahead and make a meal of it there. I still wonder what that was.

bobcat or coyote or stray dog

Found one in our back alley last year, picked perfectly clean. I guess it could’ve been a raccoon, I didn’t check all that closely before burying it, just enough of a look at the skull to make sure it wasn’t one of the many alley cats we’ve come to love.