Angels at Astros, 8/12/2023

Singleton and Diaz should be platooning at 1B in the games Diaz doesn’t catch.

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I’ll be Mr Glass Half Full:

Maybe recuperation will allow him to get his swing back. Playing hurt helps no one.


No pressure at all, Singleton

Oh Lord. In there in November after high school looking for oil. Frozen! So ready to get back to Houston. Did get to see whatever was ET place from highway. From cold areas originally, kept moving to wormer areas. This summer? South Dakota sounds inviting!

He’s surely rested…

Me too. I know how you feel. I’ve had one back surgery and will have another at some point most likely. If Abreu feels like I do when my back flares up, I don’t know how he’s been out there playing. Of course, he probably has better access to round the clock therapy and assistance from the club than we do.

I actually know several people from North Dakota, as they are disproportionately represented in my profession. And Missouri. I know at least a half dozen people from Tarkio, MO, and not a one of them is named Brewer or Shipley.

So who makes the drive from Sugar Land?

One of the executives on my team is from South Dakota and goes there a couple of times a year to spend time with his elderly mother, who is 90 years old, and living by herself on the farmstead. When he came back from his last trip, I asked him how it was. he paused for a second, contemplating, whether or not, he tell me the true story, and then decided to do just that. He said, “well, I almost died.“. And a ground blizzard kicked up while he was out driving to the nearest town, and he got disoriented and went into a ditch. Within 15 or 20 minutes, his car was completely covered in the ditch with him inside. It was only because the ground blizzard let up and somebody drove by and saw the Car antenna sticking up out of the snow and stopped to investigate. Apparently, it is standard operating procedure in South Dakota when you see a radio antenna sticking out of the snow to actually get out and check. He grew up in that place and still almost succumbed to a rather pedestrian event.

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They are not your clients yet

South Dakota cool. Would be nice with 102 heat. Otherwise they can keep it

I still laugh every time I remember One Toke Over Delino, which happens more often than you might imagine.


Especially a lower back issue. I cannot even imagine trying to swing a bat with lower back pain.


Two surgeries for me. Therapy does NOTHING!

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Well, I’m pretty sure he could go 1 for his next 20 and still match Abreu’s OPS.

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You too, eh? Another cheap shot artist to ignore. Have you ever tried to do anything with lower back pain? How about swinging a bat?

That comment should be beneath you.

You are trying. Just hope all goes well. Brother in law has same problem. Coast guard and working on vehicles. Big dude. At nieces wedding didn’t drink. Asked brother and said he doesn’t drink, because being big, everyone wants to pick him for a fight.

Don’t assume the worst. I didn’t mean it as a shot but can see how you could take it that way. Hopefully the medicine works and he gets back into action sooner rather than later.

No other way to take it. Cheap shot at a guy who has been playing hurt. When I had my first herniated disk, I could not function, and the surgeon put me on total bed rest to see if it would fix itself. Play a baseball game? Uh, no.

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