Angels at Astros, 8/12/2023

2B Altuve
3B Bregman
DH Alvarez
RF Tucker
C Diaz
LF McCormick
1B Singleton
SS Peña
CF Meyers

P France

Todays lineup is comprised entirely of players whose countries of origin and immigration status I couldn’t give an opposum’s ass about.

It’s 50% white.

Eta I’m assuming that guy from France is white you never can tell about that these days.

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Can he pitch and can they hit and play defense?
We’ll see.

Thank you sir. Let’s just win!

Outside of 1B (?), is this the 2023 version of Luhnow’s Death Star lineup?

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Let me throw a different type of hand grenade into the discourse and say it’s composed of, not comprised of. The United States is composed of 50 states; the United States comprises 50 states.

See now, I’m boxing out the racism by replacing it with pedantry.


It’s the best possible lineup they can play today, and that’s what matters.



Didn’t realize the lineup were posted so early.
This has the potential to be a LONG thread…

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I’ll have you know I have SEVERAL friends from South Dakota!

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Thank you. I always appreciate a lesser known grammar correction.

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Excellent pivot to another unwelcome trait.


I actually do know a guy from South Dakota, Douglas is his name. His wife, a Panamanian, calls him Dooglas, so I started calling him Dooglas and I don’t think anyone appreciates it all that much for some reason.

Their house has a very elaborate doorbell and when Daniel was little he’d wander over there and sound it a few times, much to everyone’s consternation. And when I say everyone I probably mean everyone else.

I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone from North Dakota.

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My wife Carolyn, may our relationship RIP, is from Centerville, South Dakota. Her home town, may I add, is not the center of anything.

Yep, it’s going to be a LONG thread…
See ya, I got stuff to do…


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I didn’t know that one til a couple years ago when a partner corrected it in a brief I wrote. To be honest I was happier before I knew because now I see it everywhere.

Sounded like Abreu may have a disk problem. In an article I read, Baker said he has not been able to hit off his back leg for several days because of his back. I have experience with herniated disks; the pain is excruciating.

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This, this is not good