Angels @ Astros, May 21, 2024

A bloop and a blast and the Astros are down 2-0 before an out is recorded.

Tucker with a solo blast cuts the lead in half.

Can we pay this guy and extend him already?

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On the next pitch, Yordan ties the game!

Back to back Jacks

Thought Pena had gone oppo

Nice to have guys in the outfield that can cover a lot of ground. Three hard hit fly outs.

Astros get the first two on in the second but a fly out and a GIDP by Chas ended all that. After two, tied at two.

The Astros pitching staff is an exasperating lot.


HPU needs glasses.

Javier’s FB is sitting 90-91. Isn’t that a bit low for him? Thought he was normally 95-96

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It’s low for him, but he’s normally 92-94, not 95-96.

I see a couple 88-89 in there tonight, too. Something seems amiss.


His fastball velocity has been down since he returned from the IL. However, when he can’t get his mechanics right, it could very well mess up his velocity.

Looks like Hudson and das can come on back from wherever they went.

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Not to beat the dead horse but last nights loss was the kind that absolutely ends hot streaks.

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Singleton!! Never been so happy to be wrong.


Like I was saying, Jon Singleton will turn this team the right way.