Angels @ Astros, August 24, 2020

Springer CF
Altuve 2B
Correa SS
Tucker LF
Gurriel 1B
Brantley DH
Reddick RF
Maldonado C
Mayfield 3B

Valdez P

Can’t do much PBP but

Fletcher taps back to Framber; Ohtani and Trout both K (swinging/looking) on some really nice pitches.

Framber with a nice inning.

No idea what happened because I went to the other room for 57 seconds, but Sandoval threw 5 pitches and the Angels are back up to bat.

Springer F9, Altuve 6-3, Correa 1-3.

Took longer to type that than it took the Astros to execute it.

RF misplayed the Springer ball; almost went over his head.

But no.

Framber activated the freeze ray on that one.


Tucker! Rips a solo shot into the bullpen.

Yuli in the gap!

Tucker is starting to justify the hype.

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And with Alvarez gone, it’s much needed.

Solid AB by Josh, RBI single to LCF

I really like the contact hitter version of Reddick.

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Nice jinx by the broadcast team showing Springer’s average with runners on base.

Oh, Jack, I was just about to praise your nice play on the bunt.

Little League ball now?

Fucking Mayfield! Lollygagging and cost a base.

Wow…Mayfield makes a great play on the barehand, then gets caught picking daisies with his back turned. Allows the runner to take 3B

A now Framber decides to not cover 1B

Wow. Little Leaguers everywhere are embarrassed by the Astros

That is just pathetic.