Angels @ Astros, August 24, 2020


What a defensive shitshow

You gotta be shitting me

And it gets even patheticer.

One run in, two on, without hitting ball out of the infield.

And brings up Trout

Holy fuck this is fucking ridiculous

3 maybe 4 free outs so far this inning

Damn, George. Don’t give me a heart attack like that.

Yeah, George thought about making Mayfield et al feel better.

Good thing Framber threw an extra 20 pitches that inning. Bullpen doesn’t have much to do the next couple of days.

The outfield outplayed the infield by a considerable margin.

Patient AB by Altuve.

Correa 5-3, Altuve to 2nd

At least, for the sake of the bullpen, the doubleheader games are only 7 innings

unless they’re tied…

Tucker walks

Well, yes.

Jeez, this game has not been a defensive clinic.

little league!

Shocked that ball didn’t drill Yuli in the kneecap