Angels @ Astros 9/10

I’m not sure how Urquidy didn’t give up about three runs in the top of the 1st. Thank heaven for the head-scratching decision to send the runner on Trout’s double. It’s kind of ironic that they scored their run on a squibbler.

Astros get the run back after an Altuve single, a wild pitch, and a Yuli single. Yordan followed that with a walk, but what looked like a promising inning quickly fizzled after weak ground balls by Bregman and Tucker.

Tied up 1-1 after one inning.

Urquidy gives up a leadoff double. He might want to try not pitching in the dead center of the zone.

Jesus, another worm-burner up the 3rd-base line. Runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs. It’s not looking like it’s going to be a long night for Urquidy.

And now a walk to load the bases. Luckily for me, the soccer game will start soon.

Limp-dick 4-3 ground out yields a run.

Anyone seen the latest episode of the Lord o’ the Rings spinoff?

The bad news is this game is on Fox and these people are insufferable. The good news is it doesn’t look like I’ll be watching for too long.

More shaky baserunning gets a 3-2 out on a hard ground ball. Trout then renders baserunning moot by crushing a three-run homer. Angels lead 5-1, but now the bases are clear.

Btw, that pitch to Trout was in the happiest of happy zones. It would have been embarrassing for Trout if he hadn’t destroyed it.

I’m thinking I may start boycotting Fox Sports broadcasts until they bring in Tucker Carlson as a color commentator.

Yeah, I’m with you. Dinner will be ready soon, and so will some other sporting event.

you may not know this, but Fox Sports is telling me that Ohtani is remarkable.

ETA: I think they’re about to describe the size of his man parts.

Are they still yammering on about how Trout can’t hit at MMP?

Ohtani is a fabulous player, but holy fuck is he an insufferable whiner.

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“Shohei Ohtani is an Insufferable Whiner” would make a great bumper sticker. As would “Move Tucker Carlson to Fox Sports”.

Next year that’s a base hit.

Every pitch he throws or sees in the box is a fucking debate with him.

I did manage to power wash my deck today, and am drinking Chateau Du Retout Haut Medoc 2019

I own two Garmin GPSs, one a handheld and one a marine unit. They are so user unfriendly that it amazes me that I keep buying them. I’ve spent the day trying to program into my GPS how to go from Point A in Port O’Connor through a series of side channels to a place about 5 miles away. It makes me really appreciate how easy the Apple interfaces are.

ETA: and I’m not there yet.