All Star Game 2022

FWIW Baseball America with their picks. They pick 5 Astros with Altuve and Yordan as starters and Tucker, Verlander and Framber as reserves.

Correa gets the nod at reserve SS while also making mention of Jeremy Peña.

In case you missed the news Ohtani won the vote and will start at DH.

Well, the votes are the votes. Ohtani is undoubtedly the bigger star. For now.


And Altuve at 2B

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Ok with that as long as Alvarez starts in the postseason.


Joc Pederson is going to be an All-Star starter?


I think having a legacy selection for each league is a neat idea.

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He’s having a hell of a year

Pearls in July? How gauche!

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The rest of the teams will be announced on ESPN at 4:30.

Those same 5 were officially named to the team.

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As long as it’s after 6:00.

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I suppose these days anything goes. Back in my day, a man wouldn’t be caught dead in pearls before Labor Day.

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At 4:00 today, this damn waiter in pearls sat down at my table to take my order without even removing his hat.



I didn’t ask his name


Luby’s has waiters?

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They have/had the number on a metal ring thing if you ordered something from the back.