Alex Bregman, to me, is the greatest position player in Astros history

Being a fan of the team for 50 years, until the past few years I’d come to believe Craig Biggio was the greatest position player in our history. Biggio was a five-tool player (he added power later on when the team needed this) and he took less money to stay in Houston instead of moving to St. Louis (in truth, not revisionist BS as is often spouted around other signings). Biggio was an easy role model, although I confess I did not follow him much post-retirement. As for Biggio’s sidekick Jeff Bagwell, while the strike-shortened season saw Bagwell live in what would later be known as “Bonds-ian air,” his body of work and the intangibles fall short of Biggio’s in my eyes.

When the Astros drafted Bregman, I was skeptical due to his stature. Given the Appel flop-in-the-making and the Aiken fiasco, I assumed we needed pitching, especially with the excellent selection of Correa as a MI. I was so wrong. Bregman, to me, is an almost flawless player, and he should be in the top 5 of the AL MVP voting for a long, long time. I predict he will be a first-ballot HOFer and recognized as the greatest Jewish position player in MLB history. To this day, I encounter baseball “fans” outside Houston who have no idea how great Bregman is. And I further believe Bregman senses same, as he seems to play with a chip on his shoulder.

A big “Thank you!” to Jeff Luhnow for making this call, having earlier made the right call with Brady Aiken earning the Bregman pick, a call for which the Astros were vilified by the pundits (who never apologized when Aiken’s arm blew out 12 pitches later). Probably Luhnow’s most genius moments.

I love watching Alex Bregman play baseball.


Uhhhh I love Bregman, I love him being on this team. I want him to retire as an Astro having played for no other team. He’s not top 3 in Astros history. For my money it goes Bagwell, Altuve, Biggio, then you can go Bregman because of postseason success but I’m not sure he has passed Berkman yet or even Springer for that matter. He will pass both of those guys for sure but he has a ways to go before he reaches the top 3 guys


A good kid. He’ll have to keep it up for another decade or so to get HOF consideration, much less first-ballot.

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I love Alex Bregman, but, right now, Jose Altuve is the best player in Astros’ history, and Bregman has a lot of work to do to catch him. Both Bagwell and Biggio are ahead of Bregman for now, too.


I’d love to see him give it a real go


As would I.

I know WAR isn’t the be all end all but there is Berkman level career between Bagwell and Bregman right now. If you doubled Bregmans WAR so far he has 5 WAR less than half of what Biggio has.


It’s not close, yet. Well see if he makes it a real conversation

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I’d like to see a little more from Altuve and quite a bit more from Bregman before I throw them in there with Bagwell and Biggio who are 1A and 1B and the only reason Bagwell is not alone at the top was the shorter career.

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Bregman has a way to go to eclipse Hank Greenberg. The Hebrew Hammer had 300 home runs and 1200 rbis and missed four prime years on account of military service.


Has he eclipsed Shawn Green yet?

“Do you have anything light?”
“I do have this pamphlet on famous Jewish sports figures”


Nope. Nor Ryan Braun. Closing in on Al Rosen whose career was delayed four years by military service.

Its a lot bigger than the one on Italian war heroes.


I love Alex and can’t wait to enjoy him for ( hopefully) several more years in the Astros uniform, but he’s not top 10 yet.

Also, I would say Bagwell’s “intangibles” eclipse Biggio’s IMO

Bagwell’s ridiculous MVP season puts him at the top for me.


Alex has some work left to do before he is the greatest Astro position player.

Love it! LMAO. Kinda like the Italian tanks in WW2 with 4 gears. 3 for reverse, and one for forward in case the enemy was behind you. :guardsman:

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Really depends on how far you’re going back

First saw Biggio at catcher in a spring training game and thought he was overmatched for the big leagues. Also thought Altuve was a novelty act for a cellar dweller.
Enjoy knowing how wrong I was on both counts.