ALDS series

Astros at 3:30

You seem surprised.

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Both Astros games will be on TBS.

Hardly. With my schedule i was hoping for an earlier start time.

I’m gonna just rip the speakers out now.

Better safe/sorry.

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It’s like this every year and it still pisses me off every year

Now I really I hope the Padres win, I would much rather a game start at 2:37 than 2:05.

Also, Fuck the Mets.


Musgrove did not short arm this much as an Astro, did he?

Also, fuck him.

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Well this is interesting.

Wow, if I were Musgrove, I would drill the next guy. Maybe wait until there are two outs, but somebody is getting hit.

Oh God I wanted them to find something


Not tonight. First game next year? You better believe it’s happening.

I was disappointed about what I read about what someone tweeted about what Musgrove said. And my first reaction was to say fuck him. Upon reflection, I know people say dumb shit sometimes when talking to reporters (which is why what he said about “earning one” was disappointing). But I remember the handwritten letter that he wrote to the Astros and fans about his time here when he left and how much he he learned here and how much appreciated his time here. It’s still pisses me off that he let himself fall into that trap but I’m not gonna hate him for what he said.

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Let me make it clear, I still may end up saying, fuck him.

Maybe this next series is when the Pads luck(skill) against the Dodgers turns around.

Soto would have stolen that base when he was 21.

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If the Padres win this game, I’m instantly gonna start hating all of them. And I still hate Kevin Brown and that drunken killer Jim Leyritz

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The Braves are the most likeable franchise in the NL Postseason this year. That says something, not sure what.

Fuck Musgrove. He said lots of shit.