ALDS Game 4, Astros @ White Sox

I guess the question now is, do you start Mccullers tomorrow? I do

Then Greinke in Game 5 if we need it? Urquidy to tag team with him?

Says at 8:10 on MLB at bat app

multiple Astro sources had the 1:00 time. (Berman, Taggart)



Is it really raining in Chicago, or is this more of TLR’s jake-legged bullshit?

I still start Urquidy, and McCullers at home for Game 5, if necessary.


Will you believe these weather guys?

and a more current look

I’ll believe the water falling from the sky. I’m wondering why make the decision five hours before game time.

I assume it moves to night if Boston wins today

So night game tomorrow, then travel late and play the next night? That sounds unreasonable if you can avoid it. They should get the guys into Houston at a decent hour, if they can.

It all depends on whether you trust Urquidy in game 4 more or less than Framber in a game 5 at home. It’s a tough call because of how the White Sox hit Framber in game 2 and their success against LHP.

Never mind, NL plays tomorrow so of course we stay in the day

I don’t trust McCullers in Game 4. I like him at home in Game 5. Of course, I have all sorts of wild and crazy feelings.

I guess I don’t understand why Greinke wasn’t an option to start last night. Going into a road ballpark in a close out game is no easy task. Greinke has pitched in every situation imaginable. I guess they just must not think he’s ready after missing nearly a month with that neck injury. He looked sharp last night though.

Greinke has given up his starter’s role. Headscratchers last night include why let Garcia face Garcia at all instead of forcing Garcia to face Garcia with a 2-0 count, why pull Stanek, why Raley, why did you not lose your shit over the no-call on runner interference…the usual stuff.

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