ALDS Game 3 Astros at Twins

Abreu Comes Alive is my favorite of his albums.


AJ Fucknutszinski says that Javier has thrown “a lot” of breaking balls 1.5 batters in. He’s thrown (checks notes) 2.


Well he was a catcher, so recognizing pitches might not be his thing.

That’s a fucking strike

Ball 4 was a strike.

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Fuck you blue

If you had 2 batters before fat fucking schlub Bill Miller missed an obvious strike for Javier, you win!

Kepler doubles to right. Polanco on third.

And if you had 3 batters for Javier throws an absolute fucking meatball, you also won.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Christian. That changeup was fucking PUSS.

Thanks, both. Fox is not working on the plane either. I loathe JetBlue.

Fox’s graphics are fucked.

Way to hold it together Javi!

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Hell yeah, Javier!

Carlos goes down swinging.

Man, Javier wrecked Correa so fast they couldn’t even get a full blowie in before the AB ended.

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Fuck yeah Javy

Would love to see a Pena home run after a Correa K. Pena is due.

Hit 96 on that first fastball to Carlos.

I think he might’ve been a little bit amped.

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I prefer Abreu Comes Alive II.


I also enjoy Use Your Abreusion.