ALDS Game 3 Astros at Twins

Fuck it, just win. Let’s fucking go!

Really need good Javy today

Throw strikes, please.

Runners on the corners with one out.

Alvarez on 2nd

2nd and 3rd.

There ya go, Tuck!

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This would be a good time for Abreu to come alive.




4-0 Astros!

Abreu with another big hit!

Well, that is encouraging, to say the least.

Good to be back on the road.


Road Warriors!

So thankful for the GZ today. Direct TV on the plane is not showing the game. FS1 has some alternate programming. And, audio is blocked as is Gameday.

Ok, here comes Javier. I cannot stress how much we need a zero from him right now.

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Great start! Be good Javy.

Dusty, do not let Javy get killed. If he doesn’t have it, get him out of there.

Game is on Fox

It’s on Fox today, not FS1