ALDS Game 1: White Sox at Astros

Altuve 2b
Brantley LF
Bregman 3b
Alvarez DH
Gurriel 1b
Correa SS
Tucker RF
Meyers CF
Maldonado C

McCullers P

No complaints from me.

Release the hounds!


I’m going to get to watch a bit of this one. Tomorrow’s too!


I like the lineup also.

Some idiot scheduled a 3pm meeting for this afternoon. Unfortunately, that idiot was me.

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What the hell kind of GZ is that?


“No complaints from me. Yet.”

How’s that?

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I feel much better. That was weirding me out.

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Let’s rock Lance Lynn early and often and give McCullers a lot of run support.

About an hour ago I had a weird skin-crawling sensation… Now I know why.

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Better. We need you at peak performance today. It’s big boy baseball time now


I was debating on which rum would be best to get tuned up for today’s game. I decided on Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, from Venezulela. I’m hoping it will trigger Jose Altuve to not have his head up his ass today. The cigar will be hand-rolled from Tampa, in honor of LMJ. It’s the Postseason, dammit. Shit’s getting real.


After a salad I can’t taste and a serving of savory mince I can’t taste, I’ll be enjoying multiple cans of the unofficial lager of Ireland - Carlsberg - which I also can’t taste.

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I found some very decent craft beer around Dublin when I was there in 2019. I’m aware this info is useless to you currently… had some really solid offerings in bottles. I was right down the street from their brewery staying in Bray, but it was essentially a warehouse with no outside folks welcome in.

I can’t think of the other brewery I really liked currently, but Beamish Stout was also DAMN good.

And Porterhouse brewery had some really nice American style and Irish style stuff.

I think you are a little distancing yourself from the country of your beer. Carlsberg is a viking beer, err Danish. Half Dane heritage and beer officiando.

Which is why it’s “unofficial”

Thanks for the info. I’ve never really explored craft beers here in Ireland, probably because I’m so focused on whiskey when I’m here. I did run across the craft beer section of the local Tesco and noticed there were quite a few local offerings. Mescan is one I’ve tried quite a bit as it’s from the area I’m in, Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. I’ll be back often so I’ll likely branch out.

I haven’t seen a single Harp tap in the pubs I’ve been to here but there are Carlsberg taps everywhere.

That is pretty funny. Carlsberg is very popular everywhere. When I lived in the Netherlands for five years, prior to high school (and my move to Houston), you could visit the Heineken brewery and after the tour drink as much as you want. I was to young at the time. The drinking age was 16. When you went on your birthday, you got a free Heineken mug. Heineken in the Netherlands is made different than Heineken made in the US. You can tell if your beer was made under European rules or American rules by the star on the bottle. One star is filled in, and one star is not. Don’t remember which is which. Brothers went to the brewery (2). They were riding on the canals in a tour boat. My eldest couldn’t hold it any longer, and got out a cup to relieve himself. My third oldest brother just started out laughing louder than can be. The oldest was like, “shut up! Shut up!” quietly not to bring attention to himself. He let the cup role away and they watched the cup and urine go back and forth on floor of boat. Oldest asked other, why didn’t you shut up and stop laughing? The third oldest said, “there is a bathroom in the back of the boat!” Loved the Netherlands!