ALCS game 5. Houston vs Everyone

Popped shoulders fucking suck.

Damn, feel bad for the kid. Hopefully he can get right for the WS. Hindsight 20/20 of course but might have been nice to instead have had another arm on this roster knowing what we know now.

Either another arm or Stubbs (to add Castro PH flexibility) would add a lot more than an injured Jake. But yeah, hindsight and all that.

Yeah, hindsight is always 20/20. But Meyers also was a key piece of the offense in the division series, and without knowing he wasn’t going to be able to go, you want to have that piece available on the bench/in the field as soon as he was healthy enough to play.

Shoulder injuries are so finicky because once you pop it once, it’s REALLY easy to do it again. Those ligaments are not forgiving.

My right shoulder has always been loose, and I’ve partially dislocated it 100s of times in my life. Lucky for me I’m left handed.

My wish for the visiting team:
Good Framber.
Good Defense.
Good ABs.


So how might this affect his career going forward? Can surgery more or less fix the glitch or is this something that will always be there for him you think. I’ll go ahead and state the obvious…I know you aren’t Jake Meyers and don’t know the extent of his injury…also pretty sure you ain’t a doctor. Just asking you to shoot from the hip given your experience with a similar injury.

My specific wish would be:

At least 5 IP’d out of Framber.

You told ‘em recently. I remember those days well. No way to strap his arm down either.

I’m calling it now.

Siri is going to have a big game.

Just feeling it.

The only other time I called one was earlier this year with Taylor Jones and that worked.

So there you go.

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The good news: For someone that just partially popped it once, with a little bit of physical therapy the ligaments can be good as new. And if that doesn’t work, there are some pretty non-major surgery options to help as well.

If it becomes chronic, there are a few different ways to fix it, but they’re a lot more invasive.

Generally speaking popping it once or twice is not a long term problem as long as you take care of it.

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And just for your knowledge/curiosity, when you pop it generally it hurts initially but the pain doesn’t last that long in a resting position. But it takes away your mobility, like you can’t lift your arm over your head, or if you can, it feels like it takes an incredible amount of effort. And quick movements hurt a lot. You feel it in the core of your shoulder, right where the ball socket sits.

If you do a chicken-wing like flapping of your arm with your elbow and shoulder at the same level then raising your elbow up, you can feel those ligaments doing work. When I do it, even without a recent pop, I can feel the creakiness and can feel the ball socket thinking about sliding out of place.

Thanks for the feedback.

To amplify Mark’s posts: his was a football injury, and I think he initially hurt it blocking someone. The ligaments were loose to begin with, I think. He played left tackle his senior year with his arm strapped down. I do not know how that worked/felt during a game, but he played the entire season without missing time for injury.

That’s badass

And bleeding hearts today would be going crazy !!

I want to see the version of Framber that pitched like an ace last season. He commanded his stuff, limited free passes and made life tough on opposing hitters.

The first time it totally separated was in the weight room. Mid bench press, to be specific.

That makes sense, given what you told me would happen during a block sometimes. Same arm action back.

I think that can happen…especially if he was tipping his pitches last time out. I know I was personally impressed with how well the Sox laid off his curve in his last start. I can’t believe that it never occurred to me that he might be tipping, but after watching the Strom video you have to wonder. Could bode well for the Good Guys if that’s the case.

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