ALCS Game 2, The Search for Runs

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
RF Tucker
DH Alvarez
1b Abreu
LF Brantley
CF McCormick
SS Peña
C Maldonado

P Valdez

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I got a virus, everybody got a virus.

I would’ve been dragged out in handcuffs after that second fucking dumbfuck answer because I punched Dusty right in his fucking gob.

Just answer the fucking questions, you dicknuts.

Everything about Dusty’s response is great and terrible, all at the same time.

Editing to add initial scoring on a scale of 1-10:

Open: 10
Transparant: 10
Witty: 0
Coy: 0
Insightful: 0
Intelligent: 0
Interesting: 10

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It’s virtuosic, in its way.

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I mean, what is sick?

Dusty going full existential

I got a fever!..and the only prescription is…MORE RUNS!!!


I sure hope this shot of confidence that he is giving Tucker breaks his fever.

(Saturday Night Live rocks! “More cowbell!!!”)

Dusty puts his pants on just like you, one leg at a time. The only difference is, when he puts his pants on, he makes baffling managerial decisions.

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You’re just lucky I even put pants on.

I was going to say that whatever the sickness is, I hope it results in the runs.


I have all this nervous energy. I need a drink.


I’m pretty sure it is Eovaldi’s turn to dominate us.


Good one!

Calvin and Hobbes auto-like engaged.