ALCS Game 1, Rangers at Astros

2B Altuve
3B Bregman
DH Alvarez
1B Abreu
RF Tucker
LF McCormick
CF Dubón
SS Peña
C Maldonado

P Verlander

Take that silver boot, shine it up, turn that sumbich sideways and shove it straight up their asses.


Lets Go!!!


My body is ready

Mine is a nervous wreck

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Every game.

Fox killing it with their graphic department pregame.

Jordan Montgomery never lost in the playoffs (1-0 in 4 starts).

That’s the kind of hard hitting journalism we need.

Third man in hand, E.P. Carrillo Allegiance box pressed lit.

Let’s fucking go!

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Let’s fucking go

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I’m the lone Astros fan in a group chat with my besties from the Dallas area, and I do not give a damn. Let’s go Astros!!!

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For the love of all that is good and holy, will they please shitcan that stupid ump cam.


Seager with a 1-out single

Abreu with some nice 1B glovework

Let’s fucking go!

Lazy ass DP. Great 1st inning.

The old 1-4-3 inning ender

Nice work no score

Routine soft toss 1-4-3

Let’s jump on this shitass


Bregman robbed

Great catch

Astros go down in order on ten pitches

No score after one.