ALCS Game 1, Rangers at Astros

Yordan missed a cookie too.

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I’ve seen more inspiring half innings.

Let’s fucking go!

Hanging right there - hope Tuck makes a note of that one!

Tucker needs to fix whatever he broke a few weeks ago. He’s been awful, and they really, really need him to deliver.

Charge that ball, Peña. It almost ate you up.

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2-out double for Carter, Abreu knocking it down allowed him to get to 2B

1-0 Rangers

God dammit, C’mon JV!!!

Tucker is a fucking rag arm. Awful.

Fucking meatball to Heim.

Disappointing effort by Tucker.

None of the hits have been smashed.

Someone should slap Tucker around for that awful throw on the run scoring single.

Get your shit together!

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Another knock.

This is total defensive ineptitude.

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Tucker cost them the first run for sure.

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They all count the same though.

4-pitch walk to the 9 hitter to load the bases. Just aces.